Why is the place of old bone on the threshold?

Recently, we dedicated the Koran to the deceased elders of our family and gave food to our brother. This time I paid special attention to the plate. I understood who to put the bone in and how important it was. Each bone has its own place and educational value
For example, we grew up hearing that “old bones should not be eaten by young people.” But none of us have a “why?” The question did not bother me. We didn’t even pay attention to who ate it. We don’t even care who gets the gift.
At yesterday’s meeting, in a hurry to put the meat in order before my mother came, I put the old bone in the first tray, which is attracted to adults. My mother’s older uncle, who was watching her, came running and said that he would take care of the meat. Obviously, I made a mistake. I stared blankly. I asked you to tell me that I don’t know how to make a plate, if it’s not difficult, to name each bone by its name and to whom it will be given. My mother didn’t mind either.
“It’s a big step to admit that you don’t know, to want to know. You are not young enough to cook, what you know is good for you. ” Then he took my bone and told me that it was an old bone and that it had its own characteristics. Upon hearing this, all the bridesmaids in the service gathered and looked at our sister’s mouth.
– When you put meat in a pot, you first say “bismillah” from the old bone. This is because old bones have the ability to hold all the meat. He does not bite it, he does not put it on a plate, he does not give it to a guest, a stranger, but to a host or a brother.
It is said that an old bone has a bottle of shanyrak. Also, if a growing girl does not tell a child to “sit on the right side”, she will not give it to a single man in the belief that “you will be single”.
In the old days, my grandfather used to grind and clean the bones of the deceased. They tied it to the threshold for the welfare of their animals. “Do not give the carcasses of an old animal slaughtered in your house to anyone, but tie it to the threshold after your father has died. Then the prosperity of the house, the bottle and the rys will stay in your family forever, ”he said.
When we grow up hearing this, we welcome the old bone, we know it as the leaven of the family, we consider it as a stronghold of our gates, – said the old bone to our grandfather.
When we heard this, our sister Anipa from Kyzylorda surprised us by telling us a legend about an old bone.
According to him, the old man works as a security guard. To make it clear, I decided to write the legend in the same way.
“Once upon a time, a rich man’s barn was raided by forty robbers. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the cattle. The rich man’s barn was guarded by armed men. But in the morning the guards disappear. Thieves do not understand the mystery. The next day he spends one of them on espionage. He comes in the form of a passenger. The rich man had no one but his only son and his widow.
The spy came back:
– The rich man has neither a hired hand nor a bodyguard to guard his cattle. I explored everything. I also asked the neighbors. There are no troops. We must have imagined it, – he says. The leader of the thieves:
“Well, let’s go today,” he said.
This time, too, when the thieves approached the barn, they came across an armed group. Several of the thieves were wounded and later retreated. The next day the head of the thief went to the race himself:
– Bayeke, I was a thief. I have been herding your cattle for ten days. However, a large army guarding your barracks will not let you down. It disappears during the day. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. – he burst out. He takes the rich thief and shows him an old bone hanging in the barn:
– When my father died, he said: “If you see an old bone, tie it to the barn. Your cattle will be protected, ”he said. I obeyed and hung up the old bone. Since then, no wolves or thieves have attacked the animals, no animals have been lost, and they are howling again. If he doesn’t have wine, I don’t have any other clothes.
Powerful thieves became friends with the rich. It is said that he changed his mind and moved to an honest business. “
All we heard was that old bones should not be eaten. We never thought it would be so deep. When I heard this, I tried to find out more. In addition to the above legend, I read the following legend. I decided to publish it, thinking that you will need it too.
“In the old days, the rich man had an only son. He pulls a caravan and goes to the city to trade. When leaving, the father said:
– Boy, put this old bone in your pocket. You will be safe.
“Father, your superstition is inexhaustible,” said the great wanderer. But Dad doesn’t give up and throws it in one of the many bags.
He arrives safely at his destination, trades, and returns home. On the way, the caravan is attacked by pirates. The boy does not know what to do. At that moment, an armed group appeared from behind and began to fight against the pirates. The robbers were frightened and retreated. Suddenly, a stray bullet from a robber struck the boy in the leg, injuring him. The caravan arrived safely. But when the edge of the country is visible, it disappears. The boy comes home and tells his father what happened. Then the father said:
– My son, now you understand the secret of superstition

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