What kind of relationship should a divorced girl have with her husband?

In the Kazakh tradition, the bride becomes a legal member of the family in which she became a bride. That is, the legal spouse of an extended man. Her rights and interests, as well as her citizenship, are now protected by her fiancée. And her husband, that is, her parents and siblings, are only related to her. They cannot interfere in the family affairs of their daughter-in-law. Inappropriate interference of parents’ extended daughter in domestic and family affairs is blindness, rudeness and even misbehavior. However, when their daughters are humiliated, they should speak peacefully to their in-laws and sons-in-law
Usually, if the husband or parents are upset with their daughters in the place where their daughters are being abducted, the girl’s parents say to her daughters: It is your duty as a bride to be a legitimate member of the family, to please the place where you went with good behavior and good character. If a woman is angry and slanders her son-in-law, she should be banned from the beginning.
According to the Kazakh tradition, the escape of a girl to her father’s house leaves a mark on the face and bones. It was considered a very shameful act. Because they hate their daughters’ return, saying, “The enemy who came back is bad, the girl who came back is bad,” Kazakh girls know the family and the people they are married to as “their country, their people.” His parents did not bring the church to the attention of the people. In any case, he did not run away. Through his intelligence and perseverance, perseverance and business acumen, he became known as “a noble bride, a good bride, a business bride, a business bride, a smart bride, an educated bride, a dancing bride” and was respected by the people.

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