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What is the use of sending a satellite to Mars?

Let’s not boil in our own cauldron, let’s be aware of the important changes taking place in the world.
On July 20, the United Arab Emirates launched its first satellite to Mars. It is called Al-Amal (Hope).
China has also launched a Tianyuen-1 satellite to Mars. (Aud. “Questions to Heaven” – the title of the poem).
The United States will launch the probe by August 5. If the trip is successful, all three satellites will reach Mars in February 2021. Why is everyone sending this week?
At the same time, 8 orbiting planets stand on 1 line. Then the satellites will fly for 7 months. At other times it flies for 9 months. This saves not only time but also fuel.
Russia has said it will not go to Mars. Only one project with Europe. No coins.
What do these people have on Mars? Spending billions of dollars. It is very difficult to get up. Lack of oxygen, full of toxic gas, -83 degrees below zero at night. If you stay on Mars for 1 day, you will be damaged as if you had been exposed to radiation on Earth for 1 year.
Many answers:
– Development of science and technology
– Concentration of scientific potential in one project
– Great image project
– Collect information about the evolution of Mars and the solar system
– Contest for world scientific leadership
– To study the possibility of human existence on Mars
– Controversy over space and bodies in it.
Source: Nurmukhamed Baigarayev

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