What is a Zheroshak?

Zheroshak is a pit for lighting a fire, hanging a pot and baking bread. Zheroshak is usually made in the field, in front of the house. In the traditional life of the Kazakh people there were 3 types of hearths: stone hearth, earth hearth, iron hearth

The stone hearth was used during migration and long journeys. To do this, three large stones are brought together and a pot is hung over them.

The iron hearth was often used to light fires and cook food in yurts during the rainy season. The circle is attached to the iron with three specially forged legs. It is about half the height.

The pit is dug out of the bare ground, the cauldron and the chimney are dug out. The length of the excavated pit is 60-70 cm, depth is 30-40 cm, width depends on the area of ​​the pot. The center of the boiler is rounded, the front fireplace is narrow, the smoke side is sloping. The type of houseplant that is installed inside the house is also called “housewife”. When they moved, they buried and flattened Zheroshak so that no human, animal or animal legs would fall into the place of the hearth.


Source: (Kazakh encyclopedia, volume 3)

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