What do the Kazakh words ash-mas, et-met, zhigit-migit mean?

While Syrym Batyr fled the country and lived in the Khiva Khanate, the Khiva Khan, who was proud at a wedding, said to Syrym:
– In Kazakh there are a lot of adjectives such as mas-mas, et-met, zhigit-migit, what do they mean? – he asks.
– I will answer your question after the wedding, – says Syrym batyr.
At the wedding, Syrym’s name comes from the race. Her husband won in wrestling. Before the wedding was over and the people left, Syrym Khan responded to the manag’s question as follows:
– When we have a wedding, people slaughter sheep – tails, horses – kazy. Gives koumiss to the drink. It is called “food”. The herb and the tea he drank were called “drunk.” The runner who leads the race is called a “horse” and the runner behind is called a “mat”. The board calls the man who fell in front of the group a “guy” and the man who fell to the ground “a guy”. This is the meaning of the Kazakh words “as-mas”, “at-mat”, “zhigit-migit”, khan.

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