Touch the bread

How did the tradition of “taste the bread” come about?

This tradition was born in the wisdom of the people to understand the value of life. People have always treated each other with respect and helped to save lives. The word baursak is probably based on this. “Liver” is a combination of the two words “organism” and “sak” – vigilance.

According to the ancient traditions, the host always treated any guest with taste, saying that he did not lose his humanity, that the window was equal to the passenger. Because everyone in this world has the same status.

The hostess tasted it to make sure that the person she was feeding would be able to last until the next meal. At that moment, the victim calms down a bit. After all, the householder is trying to make himself look good. At this point, the most important thing in life is to be human.

That is, the passenger tells you not to forget your human qualities, whether you are a relative, friend, neighbor, acquaintance or stranger. This principle is in the memory of every Kazakh. If the Kazakh people stop offering food to “eat bread”, then they are no longer Kazakhs, they are no longer human.



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