Today is Border Guard Day

Today, August 18, is the day of formation of the Border Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the same day in 1992, by the Decree of the President, the Border Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established on the basis of the Eastern Border District. The country’s border guards have been guarding the peace of the country for 28 years
Today, a similar holiday is celebrated in Azerbaijan. This holiday appeared in the calendar of professional holidays of the country in 2000. The corresponding decree was signed by the President.
Tajikistan also celebrates Medical Workers’ Day today. August 18 is the Day of Medical Workers, dedicated to the birthday of the Persian-Tajik scientist, doctor Abu Ali Ibn Sina.
Avicenna lived from 980 to 1037. His contribution to medical science is great. Medical Workers’ Day appeared in the calendar of the Republic of Tajikistan in 1995.

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