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An eternal debtor who leans his forehead on the virtues of knowledge, an inextinguishable light from the dome of the mind to the school of wisdom, a human figure who shines a light, an unchanging personality, a measure of depth – lies in GLORY! Destiny wants to appreciate the greatness of the teacher, because he is also a special quality …
In fact, “A slow walk is a clear step, your work is a steady step,” concludes Abai, “a national, people’s teacher is formed through the filter of centuries,” – says the sage Dostoevsky.
Not an exaggeration, but an ordinary poetic and civil act, a reasonable opinion. What about us? At our level, we are “partners in honesty!” We would just say that. Apparently, he was not a windy word, but a brave student, whose words were marked in the teacher’s notebook with a bright forehead and a bright reputation. Calculations, accuracy between the stars is an extreme story, about a teacher who showed us the civic formula from the board of destiny and …
I read astronomy with love from my teacher Nesiphan Abenovna, a kind gardener of the flower garden of the world, a student’s house. The warmth of the cup of fire, full of kindness, kept my youthful dream from freezing and settled in my heart like steel. “Everything in a balanced life has a gravitational pull. Apart from the planet, the mood and intention. It all depends on it … ”he said, swallowing lightly. He instructed to study Makhambet’s poetry in connection with astronomy.
Research: “There is a lake under the moon, it is not enough to ride a horse. There is nothing brighter than the moon, the world without light, darkness …” and so on. in sequence. Songs that have been in my mind and in my heart for a long time … We have a new theme, a speech at the conference, a great applause and enthusiastic applause. Only the sudden ringing of the bell broke the air of joy in the next lesson. My teacher’s husband had been ill for a long time and immediately called me home. I estimated the situation. Vibrating that I can’t interrupt the lecture. We calculated the impact, size and radius of the asteroid on the ground. I was with him on the way back. She cried as she left the school. Not only because of high hopes for me, but also because of great personal confidence. I have found comfort in growing up, not just as a disciple. “I always leave my family joys and sorrows at the entrance to the school fence. Because I am a teacher at school. ” This time he did the same … in this way he kept the balance of school and family, education and upbringing … The pedagogical decision is a contradiction of civic views. You know, for me, your hand in my diary is the most special mark, your price is the highest reward, your trust is the most difficult task! During that time in astronomy I did not ask you a question only about Tansholpan, I did not discuss. Because you, Tansholpan, were the teacher who guided me in the future of my life!

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