There were about 50 explosions in Arys

Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Dandybayev said at a briefing in the Central Communications Service that about 50 explosions took place in Arys.
The explosion of ammunition in the warehouse began on June 24 and lasted for more than a day.
“We did not count how many explosions there were. But in terms of the number of ammunition stored, we estimate that it was about 40-50,” he said.
The warehouses contain ammunition for missile and artillery weapons, engineering ammunition, ammunition for firearms, hand grenades, anti-tank guided missiles, anti-aircraft guided missiles, shells for strategic systems of various calibers and strategic components. No radioactive elements were stored in the warehouse.
In 2005, the military unit began to transfer some ammunition to other warehouses. In total, we managed to transport 184 tons, 90 tons of ammunition left.
On the morning of June 24, an explosion took place in the warehouse of the military unit №44856 in Arys, Turkestan region. Residents of the city were evacuated. Minister of Defense Nurlan Yermekbayev and President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev arrived at the scene.
Three people were killed, two of them contract servicemen.
A pre-trial investigation has been launched.

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