The worst curse in the world

Abylai Khan’s return of the curse
Once – a
cursed old man from Kalmykia , who was complaining to himself,
said to Ablai:

Kalmyk said:
– Ablai, don’t let the grass grow.

Abylai Khan:
– It’s
a curse to be poor and have no livestock .
Kazakh cattle are my cattle.
All Kazakhs have livestock.

– Don’t scatter your ashes!

Abylai Khan:
– This is not a curse either.
You don’t want to have
a child , a Kazakh child is my child.
Every Kazakh has a child.

– Don’t know, – don’t obey what you know!

Abylai Khan:
– This
is the worst curse.
– There
is no country that does not know, does not obey what it knows .
– Let the curse go to your head,
– said Abylai khan.


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