The power of the word “Bissimilla”

There is a ban on “eating without bismillah”. Religious books say that the devil’s food is the food of the devil. There is a legend about it.
In the past, Abel worked as a shepherd, and Cain worked as a farmer. As they ate, the Devil came to them and asked, “Will he help me?” It turns out that When Abel reached out to him and said, “Bissimilla,” Satan’s hopes were dashed.
– I was unlucky today. I walked around all day to share a meal. “Bissimilla,” he said. I have no place here, – he said angrily.
When he came to Cain, he ate as much as he could. Satan loved Cain’s actions. The devil also came to eat without Bismillah. Cain was involved in the murder of Abel. It is said that the saying, “Eating without Bismillah is the devil’s food.”
Adam told the prophet Shish, “The head of the blessed is in the Bismillah. If you want to be blessed, thank God and caress your face! ” From then on, Shish did not kill the will, but made it a tradition.
When the devil put on the yoke of cursing, he cursed God.
– Tell me, – says God.
– I prayed for many years. It is not right for Almighty Allah not to return the wages of His servants. Give it back.
– What do you ask? Says God.
– You chased me away and gave Adam a shelter. Where will I live now?
– Bath and toilet are your home.
– When you were there, I had a place to pray. Where can I find it now?
– The market is probably your place of worship.
– You gave a person a Koran to read. What will you give me
– Rumor has it that gossip is your holy book.
– You gave a person food to eat. Where is my food?
– If someone eats “bissimilla” and does not bless the table, let him order that food! – he said.
The Devil is running away from God because of his prey. Since then, he has been following the table in every house to eat his food. In the version of the legend sung by Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyevich, the Devil:
– My head hurts,
Why do I have to live so long?
Ac, you fed the people,
My favorite food to eat and drink ?! – he asks. Then the Lord said:
– We do not eat the work of anyone,
It’s time to dump her and move on.
Let your food be like this:
If someone drinks, you will not be satisfied, – he answered.
In another legend, the devil gathered all the devils:
– Today we are going to a wedding, we are full. Gather all the children! A bucket is making a wedding. He is weak in religion and ignorant of prohibitions. If he is full, he will be satisfied with his table. All the devils rejoice and hurry to the wedding.
At the wedding, the toibas begin, and the authoritative elder of the dynasty speaks:
“Bissimilla,” he began. When the Devil heard this, he said:
“We didn’t order this meal,” he said helplessly.
In the poems about it:
There are many books from these imams,
There is a bissimilla at the beginning of everything.
Everyone in the world
Needless to say, the food is bissimilla.
Together the devil drinks together,
I will finish everything as soon as I can, – they say.
According to the legend of Qissa Sul-Anbiya, Noah used the word “bissimilla” to satisfy the hunger of Kuj.
Kuzh was a stubborn man, a stubborn man who did the right thing. For a long time he climbed the mountain and wore clouds around his neck like a necklace. He was alone in a mountain cave. The only sorrow of the dog is to satisfy his stomach. His intestines swelled all day long. Sooner or later, they cut firewood in the woods to make ends meet. One day Noah called the LORD and asked him to carry the trees. Then the document:
– If you feed me, I’ll carry a tree. Eating well is my dream. I ate a fatty meal and my stomach was not relieved.
– Let me tell you! Says the prophet. The next day he carried Noah’s trees. When he finished, Noah brought a loaf of bread.
“Oh, it’s not going to hurt me,” says Kuzh angrily.
– Eat “Bissimilla” and you will be satisfied! Says the prophet. When he ate half of the cake, he said, “Bissimilla.” He put half in his pocket. He was satisfied and left.

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