The mausoleum of Ukasha Ata is full of mysteries

The mausoleum of Ukasha Ata is located 42 km from Turkestan. Length 16 m, width 5 m, height 3.5-4 m. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Ukasha Ata is a well at the top of the mountain. On the western side of the mausoleum, 200 meters away, there is the Ukasha Ata well. They say that a well 22-25 meters deep quenches thirst and purifies the human body, while divine nature purifies the human spirit. Someone’s water comes out of the well, and now someone’s bucket comes back empty and crooked. If water comes out, it is considered that the pilgrimage and the desire of the person are accepted. There is a small yurt at the beginning of the well.

According to legend, Ukasha Ata was a reliable comrade and bodyguard of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). And according to the legends of the country, he was a great commander, impenetrable for swords and bullets. The enemies of cats and dogs do not see this and cut off their heads during the morning prayer. Interestingly, the rolled head fell into the well without catching anyone. Since then, it has been believed that the water from the well, which is considered sacred, is connected underground with the Zamzam spring in Mecca.

When he was beheaded with a sword, he shed blood about 23 meters away. The whole place was turned into a tomb so that the holy blood of the saint would not fall under our feet. Today it is a place of worship and pilgrimage for all Turkic peoples. The architectural monument is included in the list of religious and spiritual monuments in the Azret Sultan reserve-museum. It is included in the 100 sacred places of Kazakhstan. Now there is a museum “History of Ukash Ata”. There are more than 70 archaeological, ethnographic, valuable objects, photographs and documentary exhibits about Ukasha-Ata.



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