The legend of the “living place” or land of the Hun kagan

The khan of the Dong Hu state was interested in the vast lands of the Huns and thought of a way to get it. The ruler of Dun Hu sent an envoy to the young king of the Huns:
“If the stomach respects our friendship, let me have a foal,” he said.
So he asks for a racehorse, which will be able to travel a day.
Mude gathered the most famous and intelligent people of the country and formed a council on what to do. The counselors tell him:
– The horse that takes the road in a day is the saddle of the Huns, so this name should not be given. The stomach responds to them as follows:
– Do we really want to fight for one horse? May this gift be a guarantee of our friendship with our neighbors. So Mode presents a galloping horse.
The nobles of Dun Hu sent another enemy to Mode and asked their rulers to give one of his most beautiful and beloved wives. This should have offended the great ruler and caused war. The stomach once again gathers its smartest advisers for a meeting. The statement was made by angry advisers:
– Our neighbors are very good. Now he is asking for our wife. We must fight them!
After listening to them, Mode decided:
– Let both the horse and the woman be a guarantee of peace in the country.
So he sent his wife to the ruler.
Now the emperor gathered his army and moved west, to the border of the Huns.
Between the Huns and the land of Dun Hu lay a barren wasteland with no grass and no water. Nobody has lived here for a long time, and the border passes through it. The ruler Mode again sends an ambassador:
– There is an unnecessary area on our border. Huns, you don’t need it at all. Give us the land.
This time, too, Mode gathered his advisers and asked them for advice on what to do. Some answered his question as follows:
– This vacant land can be given or not given. Still, it is of no use.
Meanwhile, Maden’s patience ran out:
– I obeyed the two orders of the ruler, because both the horse and the woman were mine. And the land, whether good or bad, belongs to the people! How can we give it to others?
He ordered the hanging of those who wanted to memorize the land, and went on a campaign against the enemy.
At this time, a war broke out between the Huns and the country of Dun Hu. In this battle, Mode defeated the enemy army and inflicted heavy losses on them.
The state, which was created, expanded and protected, lasted exactly 350 years. If we add to this the fact that the tribes under the influence of the Huns in the territory of ancient China lived for several hundred more years, the total history of the state founded by Mode is 650 years.

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