The full text of the appeal of Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev

Dear compatriots!
As you know, the whole world is going through a very difficult situation.
The spread of the coronavirus is a global concern.
The epidemic is getting worse day by day.
Unfortunately, this disease has also been registered in our country.
By yesterday’s Decree, a state of emergency was declared in Kazakhstan today at 08.00 am.
The state of emergency lasts for 30 days.
A State Commission was established under the President. It is headed by the Prime Minister.
All necessary precautions are taken.
Public order is strictly controlled.
Public events have been canceled.
I understand that many of our citizens are planning for the upcoming holidays.
However, we make this decision for the health of the whole population.
We have to limit the operation of large retail outlets, but grocery stores and markets will continue to operate.
Entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions and other public places will be temporarily closed.
The students were sent on vacation. Students moved to a distance learning system.
I also think that our citizens should not hold family events.
Entry and exit to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are restricted.
Sanitary regime has been strengthened at checkpoints, railway stations and airports along the state border.
On my instructions, funds were allocated from the Government Fund for the purchase of medicines, test systems and laboratory equipment.
There is enough space in hospitals.
All these measures are very important steps for the health of citizens. I think you understand this correctly.
God saves those who are saved.
I want to emphasize that we have every opportunity to fight this epidemic.
We must overcome this challenge as one nation, one society.
This is a temporary panic.
We must overcome this crisis with dignity!
Every citizen should be responsible for the restrictions.
Everyone should be as careful as possible to prevent the spread of the virus.
I hope that all citizens of our country will support the work of the authorities.
At such times, we all need to be patient and disciplined.
At the first sign of illness, seek medical advice immediately.
At this moment, our civil responsibility is tested.
We focus on the economic situation.
The state fulfills all social obligations.
Thanks to the prudent policy of the President, we have the necessary resources. There are funds.
In this regard, I would like to note that there are sufficient food stocks.
Unreasonable increase in prices for daily consumer goods is not allowed.
We forbid provocative actions.
Those who spread false information and cause panic will be prosecuted.
Mass media and Internet resources should work only on the basis of official data.
We need to show that we are strong enough to fight this global disease.
Peace and unity can help us to overcome any difficulties.
Therefore, we must all work together to fight this dangerous epidemic.
Prosperity and unity will win everything!
Dear Kazakhstanis!
As you know, the Ministry of Health has officially stated that today, nine Kazakhs have been diagnosed with coronavirus. There is a danger of proliferation.
The virus has taken over. Infected citizens are under the supervision of a doctor.
People with whom they were contacted, installed and are also under medical supervision.
Kazakhstan has previously created a special expert headquarters and an interdepartmental commission at the level of the Government to adopt a plan to combat the spread of the virus.
An advertised World Health Organization coronavirus pandemic has acquired a threatening scale.
Therefore, in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan, I signed the Decree on the introduction of an emergency situation in the territory of our country.
The emergency mode is effective from 8 am to March 16, 2020 and will last for 30 days. In case of necessity, the action of the regime may be prolonged.
The decree provides for necessary preventive and preventive actions.
Enhances the protection of public order.
Introduced a ban on the conduct of mass events.
Many Kazakhs have made plans for the upcoming holidays, who wanted to attend concerts, who wanted to compete in sports.
Unfortunately, for the sake of our general health, it is necessary to refrain.
At the same time, there is a restriction on the operation of large shopping malls, but product and other stores, where goods are sold for the first need, including those included in the trade and entertainment centers.
The mode of operation of markets is determined by the state commission on the basis of proposals of local executive bodies.
Entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions and other facilities with mass media are temporarily closed.

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