The couple from WKO want to promote the brand “Zere” abroad

The couple, who live in the village of Beles in the West Kazakhstan region, produce a wide range of zent products in the western part of the country. Today, it receives orders from almost all regions of the country. Abzal Sagynov and Gulbakyt Kuanyshkalieva are a large family. Gulbakyt has a tendency to make confectionery since childhood
She got married three years ago while studying at university. Thus, one by one their sons and daughters Adilet, Bekarys, Zere and Amirkhan were born. “When my daughter Zere was one year old, I went through several master classes and started cooking sweets. Seeing that our work was growing and developing, I wanted to open a confectionery shop and started looking for sponsors. I went to the Damu Entrepreneurship Support Fund and found out that the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs has a free course “Business Advisor”. I found out that there is a free Start a Business course that is only available in rural areas. “After submitting an innovative business project to the project” Start Business “, which is used only in rural areas, and learned that it is possible to get a state grant of up to 3 million tenge, I realized that it is a great opportunity and started looking for a unique idea,” said Gulbakyt. In 2019, the bride will study and receive a certificate for the project “Start a Business”. His project, which offered a personal recipe for baking chocolate gin, was supported and won 2 million tenge. Thus, the family presented a small workshop for the preparation of national desserts. “Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I sleep only three or four hours a day. But my family and husband always support me. “In the future, we want to promote the Zere brand abroad,” said Gulbakyt.

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