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Suinshi: Coronavirus treatment has been reported in China

Favipiravir has been shown to be effective in treating new coronavirus pneumonia. This was announced by the head of the Center for Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Zhang Xinmin
According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, patients who took the drug were treated faster and their lungs recovered.
At one of the hospitals in Shenzhen, Southern Guangdong Province, 35 out of 80 patients with coronavirus received the drug. Four days later, coronavirus tests were negative, and the rest recovered after an average of 11 days. Another similar study was conducted at Wuhan Hospital.
Favipiravir, also known as Avigan, was developed by the Japanese corporation Fujifilm Holdings to treat the flu. It has also been used against Ebola. Side effects of the drug have not been registered since 2014, the same year its sale was approved in Japan.

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