Seven-month-old young entrepreneurs make domestic toys

The number of entrepreneurs who have completed a short-term training course under the state program “Labor” for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 is growing. Nurgul Makhanbet, a resident of Turkestan oblast, is among those seeking happiness. She received 505 thousand tenge for a grant of 200 MCI and bought her the sewing machine of her dreams.
A seven-month-old young entrepreneur has been making pillows, dolls and boxes for children with popular cartoon characters. Children’s toys made here are very high quality. The holofiber filler in it is hypoallergenic. That is, there is no harm to human health. According to the businessman, the outer fabric covers are specially ordered from Russia, and the inner fillers are ordered from Almaty.
“Currently, I try not to accept more than 5-6 orders a day. According to my position, I have to complete the orders within 1 day. I have to work slowly so that what I create comes out with a quality and beautiful design. I don’t want to take many orders for that. Moreover, household chores are not limited to child care. Of course, I think all this is temporary, in the future I will expand the scope of my business and create large-scale things, “said Nurgul, a young entrepreneur.
In addition, to date, 531 people in Zhetysai district last year completed a short-term training course on the “Labor” program, and so far a total of 780 people have received a grant of 505 thousand tenge.

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