Rules for writing a business plan

When do you need a business plan? When looking for an investor or bank to invest in your project, a business plan is a must if you want to understand your capabilities and goals, and check the validity of your ideas. Who writes the business plan? Today, there are enough specialists who put the word of mouth on paper, make a report and write a business plan. However, you can write a project plan yourself. We offer rules for writing a business plan
Why do you need a business plan? To find out how much the project will cost, how long it will pay for itself, how much the product or product will cost, how much net profit the project will bring, how to advertise to avoid obstacles in the implementation of the project, to determine the target audience. you must write a plan.
Notes on writing a business plan A business plan is usually written for the next 3-5 years. You can divide the first year into months, the second year into quarters, and the third year into annual results. The language of the business plan should be written in simple language, without any dialect words, proverbs. It is enough to prepare a plan of at least 1 page. You can group the rest of the information into an application. “Introduction” to the business plan The name of the company you are implementing, a quality photo that reveals its meaning should be included in the title of your business plan. Also indicate your name. If you are transferring your plan to a specific institution to win a grant, it is important to write the name of your business coach. You can also place the logo of the organization organizing the competition. The “second” page of the business plan First of all, write a memorandum of confidentiality. The person reading the document understands that the idea or information is your property. This will prevent you from copying the project or teaching it to anyone else.
The “third” page of the business plan Show the contents of the plan on the third page. That is, you set a guide on which information is located on which page.
“Fourth” page of the business plan Write a resume on the fourth page. Since investors read only the resume of the business project, be sure to write a summary of the main idea, the report. Therefore, you need to specify the purpose of the plan, the purpose for which the funds will be spent, the results of the project, its benefits to society, the financial situation.
The “fifth” page of the business plan You create an investment plan. It is better to provide information in tabular form. Remember to write the sequence number of each table, the name of the table. Indicate in your investment plan what the amount you are asking for will be spent on and how. After the plan, draw an investment strategy chart. There you will find out what month, what year, how much money and why it will be spent.
“Sixth” page of the business plan Write a description of the product or merchandise. Find out when and how people can consume them. You will note your experience and ability to do this. Focus on the specifics of your initiative.
“Seventh” page of the business plan On this page you need to create a marketing plan. Here you will write about what you study in the market, who your buyers are, about your competitors, your place in the market. It is easier to do a SWOT analysis. SWOT-analysis is a combination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business idea. After that, you move on to writing a marketing strategy. You show how you enter the market, how you advertise a product or company, and even how the product reaches the consumer.
The “eighth” page of the business plan In the production plan you write about where you work, what equipment you use, where and how you get the necessary information. You can specify the name of the equipment to be purchased, the factory of origin, and even a photo.
The “ninth” page of the business plan The most important part of the business plan is the financial plan. Therefore, you divide the financial plan into several parts: salary plan, pricing policy, general financial plan and specific financial plan. In the general financial plan, you determine how much a product or service costs, how much it costs, how much you earn, how much you can sell. We calculate the actual financial plan of income and expenses by months, quarters, years. It’s hard to imagine. So you can do it with excel.
The “last” page of the business plan You will find all the additional information in the appendix. It is not necessary to write the used literature. Good luck with your work!

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