Proverbs of Azilkhan Nurshaikov

People’s Writer of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azilkhan Nurshaikov – was born on December 15, 1922 in Kelinsuyegi, Zharma district, East Kazakhstan region. He studied at the Mining Institute in Almaty, the Kazakh Pedagogical School in Semey, the Pedagogical Institute

Azilkhan Nurshaikov passed away in February 2011.

We bring to your attention the proverbs left by our grandfather Azilkhan.


1. Do not slander anyone. Even the worst person has his own good.
2. The sensible girl holds her skirt tightly.
3. A woman’s naked body separates a man’s thoughts. Keep it compact. Then the man does not care.
4. Don’t argue with anyone, you will lose value.
5. Laughter, loud speech – a sign of arrogance.
6. A person is eager to correct his shortcomings, not to see them.
7. A girl doesn’t need to laugh out loud, a guy just needs a smile.
8. Everybody has oral speech. It is better for a girl not to talk too much. The girl’s laughter, smiles, nods, looks, demeanor are the words that scream.
9. The shocked girl slanders her mother.
10. If the child drinks vodka, the mother drinks. A drunken mother is buried before she dies.
11. A good friend is better than a bad father.
12. If the expectant son is not good – the father, if the daughter is not married – the mother, if the ugly is not beautiful – the guy, if the eagle is an owl – the wife is sad.
13. Some people don’t want a key. It is suitable only for a young child, a beautiful woman, a great man. Anything else is a disaster.



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