New animals appeared in Noah’s ark

This is a cat, a mouse, a pig. Because Noah’s ark was so narrow, it quickly became dirty and defiled.

Noah said,
“Yes, God, the ark is full of filth.” What to do
? – He says. 

Almighty God says:
– Touch the elephant’s back. When you touch an elephant
, a pig crawls out of its long nose. The pig
eats the stool and makes it thick.

The devil seduced the pig:
– The animal that I touch
will be sacred . Let’s describe your back, – he says. The pig is
waiting for the devil. Rubbing its back, two mice flew out of the pig’s nose

An elephant gets scared when it sees a mouse. This is why elephants are afraid of mice.

The mice begin to gnaw at the ship. Water flooded the ark
, and the animals were terrified. 

Noah said,
“Yes, God, what have I done?” he pleads.
Almighty God said, “Immediately pat the tiger on the back.”

When he stroked the tiger, the
cat shot him in the nose . He’s chasing

Noah was pleased and stroked him on the back: “Cat, don’t let your shoulder touch the ground.”

With the blessing of Noah, the cat fell on all fours without touching the ground.

Water seeped into the ship through a hole.
The ship was threatened with destruction. Then the snake said:

– What will you pay for me if I close the pit? – He speaks. 

Noah said,
“Take what you want!” – He says.

I want to eat the sweetest animal in the world ,” he said.
– Like this! – agrees.

The snake closes the hole with its tail and lies down. Since half of his body was in the cold sea for a long time
, his body froze.

Because of the touch of the devil, the pork is

When the ark stopped in Kazygurt, the serpent
approached Noah and said: “Keep your promise.” Eat the sweetest blood in the world.

The Prophet agreed.
– But how do I know what is sweet? –
he said.
– Let’s take the mosquitoes.Let him find out. It sucks blood, ”said the snake.

The Prophet killed a mosquito. The mosquito
sucked the blood of all creatures. The sweetest
Blood is human blood. He finds what he is looking for and

On the way, the swallow said:
– Hey, mosquito, where are you in a hurry? – he said. – I found the sweetest blood.
I hasten to say this to the snake .

– Whose blood is sweet?
– a person.

“Try it for me and try it,
” he said. “Okay,” said the fly, pulling out the swallow’s tongue.

Noah and the serpent came, and a mosquito roared, having lost its tongue.

– Did you find sweet blood?The prophet said.
The mosquito continued to hum. Nobody understood the language. Then a swallow came up and said:

– When I met Masa, the frog’s blood was

He can’t deliver it,
”he said. The snake
felt a trick inside .
– Why doesn’t Masa speak? What happened to him? He asked.

“The frog’s blood is so sweet that the mosquito gingerly
swallowed its
tongue ,” said the swallow.
Join now: at the time of the Prophet
were victims of a snake, your
prayer qoregiñ .

Then the snake got angry and hit the swallow, he blinked. The tail remained in the snake’s mouth.

Since then, the dovetail has become forked.

Noah’s prayer was
answered , and the serpent fed the frog . Noah was pleased with the swallow and said:

“You saved my offspring from snake teeth.”
From now on, be the herald of spring!
May the season be with you! – He

Since then, mosquitoes have fallen in love with sweet blood.
attachment to human blood. And the frog hunts mosquitoes at night, saying: “I was fed by snakes.”


Source: From the page of Nurzhan Agabekov.

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