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Never say these words to your child

Every mother loves her child very much, she is worried about her future, but when she accidentally says some words, she may not think about how it will affect her future. Try not to say the following words to the child
Everyone is looking at you
From this word the child begins to depend on public opinion. A child who lives by the rigid rules of society and cannot act on his own will often grow up hearing this word.
You hurt a lot
It sounds like, “You’re going to kill me.” When children are young, they take every word literally. So they really think that my mother may die or get sick because of me. A child who grows up hearing this word often may feel insecure and fearful.
It is not possible
Psychologists recommend the formula “yes” 9 times and “no” 1 time. If a child is brought up with restrictions on what will happen and what will not happen, he will not be able to limit himself to everything and live the happy life he wants, even when he is old enough to make decisions.
Everyone’s child is like a child, and you …
Parents often do not notice, but they often compare their child with someone else. No one has to be perfect. Comparisons do not allow the child to perceive himself as a being, he always considers himself inferior to others.
Without you …
Another word that awakens the properties of the inner complex and closed blue. A child who hears such words often feels guilty and is indebted to someone. They blame themselves for every failure and fate of their parents.

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