“Nephew who fought with his uncle falls”

Aunt or uncle is a relative name. The mother will have an aunt for her children. Grandmother Turkic granddaughter is called the original aunt
According to the Kazakh tradition, the relationship between the aunt and nephew has its own peculiarities. They do not criticize each other, there is no rivalry, jealousy, jokes and jokes. “The hand of the one who beats his nephew trembles,” he said. The proverb “If you have a child, go to your aunt” [2] suggests this. In traditional Kazakh society, an uncle is more fortunate than a nephew. There is a saying, “A nephew who fights with his uncle will fall” [3].
They are the most respected of the three so-called “critical” aunts. They always pampered their nephew and gave him what he asked for. Not only his uncle, but the whole clan is called his nephew. Her uncle is lucky. Her aunt does not blame her nephew, on the contrary, she is proud of her citizenship and good deeds. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Sometimes a niece is older than an aunt. Men and women are called “nieces and nephews”, “nieces and nephews”, “nieces and nephews”, “nieces and nephews”, “nieces and nephews”, “nieces and nephews”. A niece is a child born to a girl. He is a man for Nagashi village. He has the right to take what he wants from his uncles three times. He should not be scolded or insulted. A niece is a child born to a niece. Like his father, he continues to be a nephew. Separation – the children of sisters can “divide” each other.


Source: (“Kazakh Encyclopedia”, Volume 6 Argynbayev H., Kazakh family, A., 1999)

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