LC Waikiki released T-shirts with the image of Abai

The world-famous brand has released T-shirts with the image of Abai.
According to LC Waikiki, the demand for national costumes and T-shirts with Kazakh ornaments has recently increased in Kazakhstan.
There is also a great interest in T-shirts with Abai’s obscenities and a picture of the great thinker.
“2020 has been declared the Year of Abai in honor of the great poet, philosopher and educator of the Kazakh people Abay Kunanbayevich.
As LC Waikiki, we also wanted to contribute to projects aimed at rejuvenating the public in such a special year. We would like to note that we always support such events, – said Serdar Bashak, General Director of LC Waikiki Kazakhstan.
The collection of T-shirts “Abai 175” was realized as a result of a memorandum between LC Waikiki and the Kazakhstan Institute of Social Development “Spiritual Revival”.
T-shirts with Abai’s image can be ordered through the LC Waikiki online store. Also, after the opening of shopping centers, LC Waikiki will be available in all stores in the country

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