Kimeshek is a girl’s honor

Kimeshek is a sacred word, the concept of which is deeply rooted in our language and national identity. It is obvious that when you say this, the first thing that comes to mind is the mother of a white hat. So the concept of kimeshek is a sacred concept that we are breastfed
KIMESHEK is the Kazakh name for a scarf.
KIMEŞEK is not just a goat, it has been passed down to the wives and companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) since the time of the Almighty.
They did it.
He was not only a cloth worn only during prayers, but also a white cloth of our Muslim mothers, so Kimeshek was a valuable treasure and a religious (albeit different) authority and a sacred and sacred thing.
KIMESHEK is a hat made of white fabric, covering the chest and back, with a carved face, different types of hats, but my grandfather is an integral part of Kazakh everyday life, his eyes and even his blood are inseparable values ​​of mothers. * Kimeshek * – worn by all mothers.
However, it is not fashion.
Deep conscience, deep shame, melodious melody and national identity.
KIMESHEK – recognition of authority. It really depends on our mothers leading the village and the child.
The mother of the village, with a special title, was a person of great authority in the eyes of the villagers and neighbors.
The crown of mothers’ white Kimeshegi, the white flag of honor, became an indelible ghost when they died.
KIMESHEK is a mother who does not look back over time.
sacred clothing that protects the dignity, not low, high, does not lose its value.
KIMESHEK is a sacred hat, as white as it is.
The eye of antiquity, the eye of the mother.
Akzhaulyk is nourished by mother’s white milk, color and shade.
KIMESHEK is not a modern dress that is worn at parties and taken off at other times, it is an indivisible piece of clothing that mothers, who have cherished the door and the cradle all their lives, hold at the head of the church.
Product with forehead skin and fragrance.
KIMESHEK is not a filter that transfers sins to the ears, but a garment that teaches to hide sins and clean the ears.
Not firewood for a burning hell, but a paradise for mothers and fathers.

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