Kanat Islam presented an apartment in the capital to a mother of many children

Boxer Kanat Islam presented a two-room apartment from Nursultan to Gulshat Bayadilova, a mother of eight, reports.
On July 5, the professional boxer decided to donate part of the money raised during the “Boxing evening with Kanat Islam” with the support of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev to charity to buy an apartment.
The apartment is located on the right bank of the Nur-Sultan in Saryarka district. The apartment is chosen taking into account the location close to the kindergarten and school. In addition, the house is fully equipped with the necessary appliances and upholstered furniture.
Gulshat Bayadilova is a single mother, the owner of the “Silver Necklace”, she gave birth to and raised eight children. The first child has a family, the second child is in poor health. Due to lack of money, he was not provided with timely medical care and accurate diagnosis. The third child is a college student, the other five go to school.
Previously, the family lived in a small room in a private house. Gulshat Bayadilova of a rented house helped to light a stove in the winter, tidy up the house in the summer, and instead of living on the farm for free. Volunteers donated a refrigerator, a bed, a sofa and gas to Gulshat’s family. Until now, all family members slept on the floor.

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