“I did not write a novel, a short story” – Kassym Kaysenov

Some people say that I wrote a novel, a story. It’s all a lie. I am not a writer of novels, short stories or fiction. I’m a person who writes down what I went through, what I did with my own hands, what I thought – all of which I remember as if I were taking a photo. Therefore, everything I wrote should be understood as the experience of a former guerrilla commander
70-80% of my experiences are no longer recorded, they die with me. Readers will not resent me for not writing it. There are fascists, there are traitors who betrayed the Motherland, there are policemen, how many people I killed with my own hands. So I’m a blood-stained person.
Who knows, the end of my life may be difficult. After all, a person with a bloody hand may have to pay for it. At one point, I published an appeal to the German people in one of my books. “Hard-working, talented German people! If your bloodthirsty Nazis died at my hands, thank me. And if I accidentally and forcibly killed my faithful sons, who feared Hitler’s law, forgive me. I’m not guilty of it. Hitler is to blame.” fascism, “I said. That’s what I said.

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