How many kilometers is a road?

What did the Kazakhs move to before, what kind of transport speed was taken per square meter? Which is a bull, a camel, a horse? To move with a bull, of course, you need to pull a cart. The same goes for horses


Although the word cart has been used in data since the 12th century, there is no evidence that it was used as a means of migration. And the bull is too slow for the car and the horse is too fast. The most effective camel for the Kazakh people is a camel, which grazes its animals slowly, feeds them, sees the migration itself with joy and curiosity, and accompanies it with entertainment and celebrations.


This is the origin of the saying, “If you are angry, take back what you gave to the cat.” It is deliberately underestimated. There is a tendency among our people to speak so softly when we are offended by something that someone has given us. He took a dog, said, “I gave you a puppy, what did he do,” took a sheep, said, “I gave you a lamb,” took a goat, said, “I gave you a mouse,” said a horse, a cow, a cow, a calf, and so on. thus deliberately undermining the work of the opponent.


The speed of the camel’s movement is measured by the size of a camel, which weighs on a camel, which does not look for a cart, does not want anything special, puts its children in a fence, rides a horse and moves from winter to summer, from pasture to autumn.


One way is a one-day journey of a camel. One of the measurements of distance is the former Kazakh mile, the place of sight, the place of hearing, the place of voice, the place of Thai shaptyr, kunan shaptyr, at shaptyr. The nearest place to the nomadic land is the nomadic land, and the farthest one, two, three nomadic lands. This word means not only the nomadic country, but also the distance. Today, camel migration, like the one-day journey of a car, train, or plane, is not considered close to a one-day journey.


And in the phrases that the leader is ahead, the leader is ahead, the leader is behind, the leader has gone a long way, it has become a relative equation. In M. Kashkari’s dictionary the notion “migration is a small part of time” is the philosophical meaning of the word.


To equate human life, life in general, as a caravan, to consider a person as a guest of time is an ancient concept. Words like “the world is a caravan, it will pass away”, “the world is a caravan of life” are the ghosts of that knowledge.


From the book “Unknown secrets of familiar words”





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