History of proverbs

One day, our ancestor Hodja Ahmed Yassavi, talking to his disciples:

– Prophet Muhammad talked to God during his migration. Ninety-nine thousand different words were spoken at that meeting. Thirty-three thousand of them are Shari’a, thirty-three thousand are sects, thirty-three thousand are truths. There are so many words in one book. That is why it is not widespread among the people. Each of you here today speaks one word. Let the meaning be in harmony with the verses of the Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet. May these words be a gift to the next generation. Let your words be like a shadow of a migrant conversation. If so, how can we leave those words to the disciples, – asks Hazrat Sultan himself.

Teacher Yasawi:

– Let’s say the word “proverb”. The peasant gets rich if he moves, the healer gets rich if he goes. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Then one of the disciples said:

“Faith cannot be escaped from a wise man,” said one of them.

“A strong man stands on a hard ground, a strong man stands on a garden,” he said. One more without hesitation:

“Walk in religion and look for a friend, the enemy will be found,” he said. Next sitting:

“If a man is not pregnant, his wife will not be born a saint,” he said. Now one:

“A lion will grow into a man like a horse,” he said. In turn, the following proverbs were uttered:

– If you don’t notice, your heart gets dirty, if you get dirty, it turns into a black stone.

– Look at the intentions of the guy, the intentions are in the chest of the guy.

– If you want, you can find good in grass.

– If a family gets it, it will be a disaster every time.

– Two worlds are one step to the saint.

– A tuber of a pure melon would be good, a person with a pure heart would feel good.

– The way is open.

– He who believes in God flies like a bird, he who believes in man flies like a mustache.

– A person who does not care about the unity of the country, can not know that God is one.

– One in forty is Kydyr, one in a thousand is Uali.

– His fists are hard, his heart is very bad.

– Even if he makes you poor, don’t make him poor from the beginning.

– If you disbelieve, your shoulders will be crushed. If you give thanks, the devil will come out of your heart.

– A guy with good intentions will not be flawless in his behavior, will not be rude in his words, will not be dirty in his heart.

– There is no insult to a man when he dies.

– There is no crop to lift the chest of wheat, there is no wisdom to lift the chest of a guy.

– What makes a person jealous is passion and envy.

– Shame on you, keep leading.

– You don’t understand – you don’t understand.

– If the chest is blind, it is less useful than two sources.

– If it is not enough, it is less useful than words.

– Prepare for old age from childhood.

– If you turn the coat, the fur comes out, if you turn the belly, the fur comes out, if you turn it anyway, the angel comes out.

– Raises the mind, raises the ignorant’s chest, raises the fool’s beak.

– Sometimes a person learns from suffering, enjoys pleasure.

– A person who is thankful has all four sides – the qibla, and all around – the radiance.

– First of all, when you have sex, and then when you have everything.

– If a person is pure in heart, he is no different from an angel.

– The heaviest and biggest debt is a promise.

– Don’t be friends with a traitor, he will taste you, he will lie in your house, he will be in trouble, he will be sold in a narrow place.

– The beauty and cross-section of a girl is a shame and a shame.

– An immoral woman does not raise a decent girl.

– Practice something while you are in a hurry.

One of them was left speechless. Then the disciples gathered:

– What do we do if we have a hollow chest next to us? Let’s tie his hands and feet and throw him into the water. Frightened, he said:

– Oh, God is deep and scares a lot. Save yourself, – he shouts. Peers:

– Let’s release. This is also an instructive word, – he said.

The words of the disciples were called “proverbs” and the place where the parables of the Qur’an and the hadith were told was later called the Syrdarya.


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