Have you ever heard of the Amenger tradition?

Those who follow the tradition of Amenger are perceived as “ardan bezgen”, “abandoned Kazakhness”. And what is it really like? In ancient times, the Kazakh society did not have the name “widow, orphan”. The proverb “If the elder brother dies, the younger brother inherits” is probably true. This is a proof of the fact that we are a nation that cares for orphans and widows, honors their ancestors and traditions.
When her husband dies, her widow marries one of her husband’s brothers at the discretion of the elders and by her own choice. Our ancestors said, “Even if you leave the country, you will not leave the country.” It is a tradition born from the desire of children not to be separated from their relatives, not to be separated from their people.
Even my grandparents were married in the traditional way. My grandfather married the wife of his uncle, who died prematurely, with six children. Of course, he was also influenced by the village elders. My grandparents may have been impressed. My grandfather, who became a father to six children, is now respected by everyone. And my grandmother is the leaven and mentor of our great family. The villagers are sometimes surprised that my grandmother did not break the tradition without protesting against her parents. In my opinion, those who chase widows and their grandchildren are the ones who have lost their lives. They are the real ones!
Amengerlik has a special place not only in traditions, but also in religion and upbringing. In my opinion, not everyone takes such a risk for the sake of future generations. Have you ever heard of young people getting married?

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