Halyk Fund presented new apartments to orphans

11 orphans and their guardians moved to new apartments in the city center. Two apartments with a total area of ​​more than 330 square meters were donated by Halyk Bank together with Halyk Fund and SOS Children’s Villages Kazakhstan, reports.
SOS Children’s Villages Kazakhstan is a non-governmental social organization whose goal is to strengthen the system of social support for children left without parental care and to promote their rights to full development in a caring family environment.
These villages are different from typical orphanages, where children are assigned to hired mothers (SOS-mothers) who give them true love, care and affection.
He noted that it is important to understand that orphans are surrounded by family warmth.
“Hired mothers are ordinary girls and women who go through special training. Then they will be assigned children. Thus, they will live together until the children grow up. Children perceive their mothers as real,” the organization said.
It should be noted that the integration of orphans into society is being improved. For example, some families are moving into apartments in new urban housing estates so that children can adapt more quickly to the urban environment.
Charitable foundation “Halyk” bought four new apartments in the city center for 120 million tenge.
The Foundation also carried out major repairs in the apartments, equipped the apartments with the necessary furniture and appliances, as well as filled the refrigerator with food for families.
Each apartment has a large living room, kitchen, separate rooms for boys and girls, a bedroom for parents and even a laundry room.
In one apartment lives a couple and four children, and in the second apartment lives a mother and seven children with 15 years of experience in the “SOS Children’s Village Kazakhstan”.
Akim of Almaty Bakytzhan Sagintayev and chairman of the board of trustees of “SOS Children’s Village Kazakhstan” Dinara Kulibayeva came to congratulate the family.
It should be noted that the children will grow up and new pupils of the children’s village will live in the apartments donated by the Halyk Foundation.
Founded in 2016, the Halyk Foundation sponsors and implements social projects and public events in the field of culture, sports and education.

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