Every Kazakh should know these 30 principles

30 principles to keep in mind
1. Don’t waste money on small things that make you happy.
2. If someone likes you, tell them openly.
3. Live a decent life today, because the past will not return, and you may not be able to reach tomorrow.
4. If you do not understand – ask.
5. If you want to meet – invite.
6. If you need anything – please.
7. Never argue.
8. If people want to understand you, explain.
9. If you are guilty – immediately apologize, do not look for excuses.
10. Always remember that everyone has their own truth, their truth does not always match yours.
11. Do not associate with fools.
12. The most important thing in life is love, the rest is life. Make peace with your family.
13. A person’s problem is only in his head.
14. There is no evil or good in the environment, it does not matter whether you are alive or not.
15. Enjoy every event.
16. Always remember, you have no other life.
17. Do not be discouraged.
18. Don’t watch TV too much, you look at life through the eyes of TV characters.
19. If possible, do not borrow from anyone, if you borrow – repay immediately.
20. Remember, no one owes you.
21. Don’t get involved in politics, politics makes people sad.
22. In life, as Abai said, only you.
23. Do not believe in the promises of others, trust in your own eyes.
24. Treat women as patiently and lightly as children.
25. Respect and pity women, because their lives are too complicated.
26. If you are in a bad mood, think that it will not happen when you die.
27. Think of today as the best day of your life.
28. Remember, it is better to strive for good than to strive for justice.
29. In any case, do not forget your parents. Speak well. Serve them.
30. Remember that you have no eternal friend except Allah!

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