Entrepreneurial values: Let every Kazakh be rich!

Now, if one person opens a shop, we will include him in the list of entrepreneurs. Although we know that entrepreneurship is not an easy life that anyone can master, it is true that the desire to be rich prevails. Arman Toskanbayev, a young businessman from Karaganda who presented the First President with the Otan watch, said: “It is wrong to call a person who works for himself an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurship is not only about self-employment, but also about benefiting society so that people can see the results of their business.” Nesip Iskander, a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of E. Buketov KarSU, says that a school of entrepreneurship in the Kazakh language can be formed by training Kazakh-speaking entrepreneurs. In this regard, conducts a course “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship” for students of Karaganda universities. The young people who received the certificate will start a business together with NCE “Atameken”. Everything happens as a result of reading a book about business. Miras Kesebayev, the manager of the republican publishing house “Samga”, says that reading, including reading, has become a trend.
– Now there is a good trend in the country. That is, reading is becoming fashionable. Even non-readers want to be on trend by buying books. Especially pleasing is the passion of Kazakh youth for books. In addition, books in the Kazakh language are cheaper. For example, our publication translates popular books in English, Arabic, Russian and Turkish into Kazakh. These books are two to three times cheaper than the originals.
Yes, reading is becoming fashionable. For example, this year in 10th grades the subject “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business” was introduced, which is 2 hours per week, with a total of 68 hours per academic year. Classes are taught by 111 certified teachers of the region. There is no summative assessment of the subject. Assessment of academic achievement is carried out through oral questioning, written work and practical control exercises. Psychologist Ainur Sharipovna says that the teaching of entrepreneurship subjects from school age does not have a negative impact on the child’s psychology. “On the contrary, the child is interested in work. He also shares what he knows, despite being jealous of someone’s success. Wealth is the ability to save money and find new sources of income. ”

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