Don’t worry, everything is temporary

The most important feeling in a person’s life is faith! Many difficulties can be overcome when it exists. Interestingly, “its role in the fight against any disease is very high,” say medical experts. And when it is replaced by fear, the body quickly loses the fight against the disease. Here are some simple rules to avoid panic
1. There is a saying, “It is bad to be sick, it is bad to be fired.” Nowadays, various audio, video, pictures, etc. are available on social networks. False or untrue information is flowing. You do not know the purpose of the people who distribute it. There is no one to open and adjust the black and white. Therefore, do not open all incoming messages. Let’s say you see yourself suffering. Excessive anxiety can ruin your life. Do not share such videos and messages with anyone. And you distributed, what can you change ?! Even if you think it’s just information, the next person may take it seriously and damage your health. .
2. Unexplained panic can lead to the loss of your God-given immunity. Don’t buy any medicine because the mother is from the mother and the man is healed from this. First of all, it is harmful to your health, and secondly, it is possible to waste your money, and because the human body is different, it is often the case that one drug has a negative effect on another.
3. “Self-suggestion”. There are people who despair and struggle with a disease that they do not have. So do not panic and start treatment until you have clear symptoms. Of course, this does not mean that the disease should be ignored. Again, boost your immunity in natural ways that don’t harm your health. To do this, we need to eat nutritious food, which means “food is the backbone of a person.”
Make it a habit to go to bed on time. Also: Dress warmly,
Do not drink cold water,
Wear a mask
Don’t forget to wash your hands often!
4. Where do you run from God, where do you run from trouble? Know that God, not men, will bring you out of any trial! Wish him well for your country, close relatives, family and yourself! He is ashamed to give back the hands of those who really asked. Even before the ancient scholars simply drank black water, they said, “Yes, Lord! Use this water for my body, remove the harm, and heal yourself! ” He was praying. If Allah Almighty wills, He will heal you with a sip of water and a sip of air! Memorize this prayer against infectious diseases and epidemics, and make sure that your loved ones always say it! ⠀ اللهم إني أعوذ بك من البرص والجنون والجذام ومن سيئ الأسقام ⠀ “Allahwmma ïnnï ä’wz̦w bïkä mïnäl bärasıy al jwnwnï al jwzamï wa mïñ Fit and il asqaamï ⠀” Yes, God, really touching lepers, demons and bad, and a variety of infectious diseases I seek refuge in you. (Abu Daud, Nasai)
5. Know this, “Forty years of slaughter, but he will die.” It is known that the death toll is relatively high now. But we should not be afraid of death. Because nothing happens without the will of God Almighty. Consider the following hadith: Abu’l-‘Abbas Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas (may Allaah be pleased with him and his father) said: “One day I was riding in a car with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Hey, boy! I will teach you a few words: Remember God, He will protect you, remember God, and you will find Him before you. If you ask (about anything), ask Allah, if you ask for help, ask Allah for help and know that if the Ummah (all) wants to benefit you in some way, it can only benefit you in what Allah has ordained for them. “If everyone comes together and wants to do you some harm, they can only harm you in what God has ordained, because the pen has already risen and the pages have dried up.” Didn’t the Kazakh people, who said, “You look scared” overcome even more difficult difficulties ?! Being a descendant of a heroic country, we should not be so afraid! Let’s be careful, let’s not give up if we get sick, let’s ask God for healing, let’s heal, let’s survive!

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