Dombauyl is the oldest mausoleum in the country

According to scientists, Dombauyl mausoleum is one of the oldest buildings in Central Kazakhstan. It is located 58 km northwest of Zhezkazgan, Ulytau district, on the right bank of the river Karakengir. One of the oldest historical places in the country. It is so ancient that it is believed that the mausoleum was built during the reign of the Huns
According to the legend, this mausoleum was built in honor of the great composer and warrior Dombauyl, which is associated with history and myth (fairy tale). According to the legends of the Kazakh people, Dombauyl is a hero from the Naiman tribe.
It seems that Dombauyl was a reliable companion of Jochi khan, a palace sniper.
Dombauyldai glorified the name of the hero, his two sons – Ket-Buka and Kel-Buka – were daulesker kuishi.
It is believed that Ket-Buka, the son of Dombauyl, was the author of the kui “Aksak Kulan”.
Dombauyl Batyr is an influential man on the right knee of Genghis Khan.
Among the Kazakhs, such stone yurts as domes were called “uitas”, “trunks”, which are known in different regions and are widespread in Central Kazakhstan, especially along the Turgai River. In general, such mausoleums in ancient times were a place of refuge for nomadic Kazakhs. In the Kazakh worldview, it is not allowed to land on an old demon-possessed sign, but to spend the night in an old cemetery. He spent the night in the mazars and then cleaned the inside of the mazar for the next passenger. The Kazakh people considered the mazar to be a sacred place, free from negative forces. He was dressed and did not shake hands.

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