Danger: The Caspian Sea is shrinking

A satellite image of the northern part of the Caspian Sea has been published on the website of RSE “Kazgidromet”. The picture shows a drop in water level.
According to the information on the site, on February 6-11, 2020, according to the forecast, on average, sea level fluctuations in the Caspian Sea may be minus 28.29 m, the maximum mark will be minus 28.03 m and the minimum minus 28.72 m. According to the operative information of Peshnoy, Zhanbay, Kulaly Island and Seal Island (Rosgidromet) sea stations and camps, the average sea level was minus 28.16 m.
According to the operational data of Fort Shevchenko, Aktau, Fetisovo and Roshydromet (Makhachkala TG), the level of the Caspian Sea in the deep is minus 28.27 m, the maximum level is minus 28.01 m, the minimum is minus 28.77 m (calculated by the Baltic system). .
We visited the Atyrau regional branch of RSE “Kazgidromet”. This level has been maintained for many years, and hydrologists explain that such images are published every two weeks. There are no exceptions, fluctuations in water levels are caused by wind and atmospheric pressure.
However, we cannot rule out that in recent years the sea level has dropped due to the withdrawal of the two main rivers, the Ural and the Volga. Some believe that oil companies are also involved.

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