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Cheese hidden in the wings of a fly

Now, if a fly lands on your cup of tea, you pour it out without thinking. There are even people who do not eat in places where flies are heard. Why? Because we know that there are harmful microbes in the body of a fly that cause disease, and we are disgusted by it. Moreover, we live in abundance. You know, if you spill tea and water for a fly, if you turn around without eating, you can easily find someone else to eat and drink.

What would you do if a fly landed on your last sip of water, which you were trying to drink in the desert, in the desert? Do you spill? Of course not. Want to go back then? In this case, even if you are disgusted, it is better to immerse the fly in water and remove it. Because, “If a fly lands on someone’s drink, soak it. This is because there is an epidemic in one wing and a cure in the other. ” Scientists have recently medically examined what is stated in this saheeh hadeeth and determined the benefits of immersing a fly in a drink.

Dr. Muhammad al-Samaha, the head of the Department of Hadith at Al-Azhar University, wrote an article analyzing the results of this study. The article details the discoveries made by scientists who study small insects. Explained in the language of science, it is as follows. In the abdomen of flies live parasites in the form of cells. These parasites must be able to escape through the mosquito’s airways in order to survive. When a fly is suffocated by immersion in liquid, these cells explode, destroying the harmful microbes that cause disease in the fly’s body.

You see, a fly flies, and the fly has its pros and cons. From this we must determine the certainty of God’s creation of all things in balance.



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