An interesting story of Shamshi Kaldayakov

Once upon a time there were a lot of false “Shamshiler” and many people used his name. One day Shamshi Kaldayakov and Abilakhat Espaev were in the pub, and a stranger said:
– I am Shamshi Kaldayakov! – he introduced himself.
The two friends looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Then
Abeken said: – I am Abilahat Espaev! he said truthfully.
And Shaken:
– I am Academician Akhmet Zhubanov! – they get acquainted.
When the guy left, Abeken said:
– Isn’t it a shame that you lied about the name of the dead man? – says.
Then Shamshi said:
– If he is ashamed, let him be ashamed. He killed the living, and I raised the dead! – he said ..


Source: Taken from the Internet

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