About pinching the abdomen

Fill the abdomen with butter, fasten it so that the mouth does not open, and prepare for the winter. After washing and cleaning the stomach of a freshly slaughtered animal, the hair is shaved off, filled with air, hung on a bed and dried for about a week.

Then the fat is salted, the water is dried and put in the stomach. Then it should be completely compacted, without leaving any water, ventilated, the mouth of the stomach should be closed, and the outside should be salted again.

One thing to keep in mind is that the oil should be stored in a cool, dark place. If more than one substance is mixed with belly fat, the fat will be damaged. Probably, this is the origin of the proverb: “A handful of fat rots a handful”. The fact that the fat from the animal itself is stored very well in the stomach of the animal is a feature of the power of nature. The taste and smell of fat stored in the stomach is an indicator of its high quality.

Depending on the size of the abdomen is divided into three: “sheep belly”, “lamb’s belly”, “calf’s belly”. Excess fat is put into the warts in the absence of the abdomen.

Commentary by Ms. Shamia from Altai


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