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About a taxi driver whose wheel was changed by the Prophet

A Muslim woman lost her husband and was left a widow with three children. A woman who has never been in the ministry cannot find a job no matter how many times she knocks on the door. And his financial situation is deteriorating day by day. There is no one to help

A woman who has not eaten hot food for three days and is very weak from hunger, one day she will collect honor and shame for her children and ask for help from strangers on the street. After walking down a few streets, he noticed a taxi parked in front of one of the many nearby shops and a customer getting off. She thinks, “Maybe someone can help me, or I’ll just go and ask for help, since I’ve just shot someone.” A woman approached the driver, Hassan, and said, “Please help me for God’s sake. I was ready to starve to death if I trampled on myself. But I could not bear the tears of my children from hunger. Please help my children, ”he said with tears in his eyes.

Hassan did not know what to do. The devil whispered in one ear, “You need help. Will you listen to the beggars? They have multiplied. Go to your house and your waiting wife, ”he said.
But Hasan was a believer. Realizing that the woman was in real trouble, the word “for the sake of God” overcame the temptation of the devil. The woman did not look like a beggar. Finally, Hassan pulled out his wallet, took a large sum of money from him, handed it to the woman, and started to move.

The woman, who did not have time to thank for the unexpected wealth, stood up. Rejoicing, he prayed to the stranger for God’s mercy.

It was only later that Hassan realized that he had left the money he had saved for a long time to replace the worn-out tire of his car. His wife, who knew that there were accidents on slippery roads, also reminded him every day to change his tires.

He didn’t know what to say to his wife that day about the wheel. This conversation lasted for several days. Hassan, who was tired of hearing his wife’s words every night, did not dare to tell the truth and said that he had agreed with a man to change the tires of his car and that he would go and do it whenever he could. His wife also seemed to calm down.

One evening his wife said, “The man who agreed to look for you has come. He told me to come to this address and change the tires of his car, ”he said. When Hassan heard this, he could not believe his ears. It is obvious that he did not agree with anyone. So who is this man?

He took a piece of paper with the address in his hand and waited for the dawn. All night long, “Who is this man? How did he know I needed a tire change? ” Questions such as: In the morning, a stranger appeared in front of Hasan, who came to the tire repair shop without even eating. “Are you going to be a taxi driver Hasan?” he asked. Unexpectedly, the guy who was able to hug Hassan:

“Speak for God!” For God’s sake, tell me! What have you done? For three days, what did you do that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to me in a dream and ordered me to change your tire? Tell me! ” He kept crying.


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