20 Most Important Lessons From Billionaire John Rockefeller’s Life

1. I would like to benefit from 1% of 100 people’s efforts rather than 100% of my own efforts.
2. A person who works day and night does not have time to earn money.
3. Gain a reputation, it will work for you tomorrow.
4. Thanks to perseverance, everything will be done, right or wrong, good or bad.
5. A business-based friendship is better than a business based on friendship.
6. The ability to communicate with people is a commodity that can be bought, such as sugar or coffee. So I pay more for that ability than anything else in the world.
7. Jokes and borrowing should be sudden.
8. If getting rich is your only goal, it will never be achieved.
9. I need people who work, not people who think.
10. The way to earn money is to buy even if there is blood on the street.
11. I asked God for strength and support. And I acted accordingly.
12. Good management is to show people of average ability how to do the work of special people.
13. I always tried to turn any failure into an opportunity.
14. I would hire someone who knows everything and is motivated.
15. I do not think that any kind of success has anything more important than perseverance.
16. I don’t know a poor person who spends all his time earning money for money.
17. I never knew what was written on my forehead in this life, but I always knew that I was created for a GREAT deed.
18. Do not be afraid of big losses. We should be afraid of small profits.
19. Do you know what I enjoy? See the results of my efforts.
20. Your well-being depends on your decisions.
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