100 years since the establishment of the Alash Party

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Alash National Autonomy, the Alash Party and the Alash Horde government.
One of the key issues in the history of the national liberation movement in the early twentieth century is the formation of the Alash Party, its historical foundations, political and social character and place in history.

Kazakh intellectuals tried to form a political party during the first Russian revolution. The chairman is Alikhan Bukeikhanov. At the beginning of the twentieth century, during the turbulent times in the country, the political force that cared about the people was the Alash movement.

At the beginning of this movement – A. Bokeikhanov, A. Baitursynov, M. Dulatov, M. Tynyshbayev, Zh. Akbayev, whose political culture has risen to the world level, educated, literate, professionally trained, imbued with the centuries-old values ​​of our ancestors. The sons of the future – Zh. Dosmukhamedov, M. Zhumabayev, S. Seifullin, M. Shokai, T. Ryskulov, S. Saduakasov, Zh. Aimautov, M. Auezov and many others followed in their footsteps. .


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